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I was in Thailand last year and bought some shirts from "The Roman Collection" which were made in Bangkok. These shirts are my favorites and not only fit well but are also in the style I like. The problem is that I can't seem to find where to buy them online and get them shipped to me. Please help me keep enjoying dressing myself.
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Did you buy them in a market or in a retail store? I'm asking because if you bougth them in a market, the chances of you finding them again are nil. Even if you return to Thailand. Thailand is a huge producer of apparel and there's tons of private-label stuff going on there. But you won't find the same item again.

I've been to Thailand twice and I found the wild variety of shirts (especially t-shirts) to be mind boggling.
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Response by poster: I bought them in a retail store in Nong Khai.
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