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Where do I find your country's b3ta? that is, all of you non-US mefi's, what site is a good example of exported national consciousness...(before you flag, a bit more inside)

(i'm not trying to paint anyone in broad strokes here, but:)
Now I've been visiting for a while (since before rathergood was in fucking Quizno's addy's!!!) and I've always found it an interesting (if limited) window into the British mindset. Not just for the standard fair of absurdest gif's, but because the topics seemed to follow the papers and the rags and the tabloids in equal measure, and that gave me a unique outsider's view into the UK's national character, much like somethingawful or, dare-I-say, fark might do for the states.

so, Canada, France, japan, Venezuela, Australia, Nepal, Zaire, Uzbekistan, and all the rest of you...

What collaborative site do you think best projects your national character in a humorous and web-friendly way.
If only so the rest of us can get a quick glimpse of your world.
(ok, so i'm looking for broad strokes)
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One of my friends is Maltese, and she pointed out Only in Malta to me.
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Szanalmas from Hungary
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The Scotsman - partly for the scope of the articles but especially for the comments that people leave at the bottom of them.
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it's very nice that this got favorited so much, but I was kinda hoping for more responses.
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