Help with some translation into webdesign lingo
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My friend and I are starting a small photography business and we need a website. Since our budget is tiny we decided to go route. Help us figure out what to ask for from the designer

We would like to update our galleries. Is there a name for this requirement? Is there a simple solution? Something pre-made where person we would hire could apply the desired layout? If there is no solution for galleries, could some blog publishing system be our solution? We have the layout (mockup) if that is relevant.
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Great software, easy to install, and free. Though you may need to have someone do it if you aren't familiar with web stuff. And to customize the look if required.

If you have someone custom build that, it will cost lots of moola thanks to needing some sort of administration system.
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Oh, and that would be a Content Management System (updating the "content" yourself). So you're looking for a gallery with CMS.
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Gallery 2 also has a wordpress integration plugin if you want to have your gallery embedded into your website and want to use wordpress as content management system.
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I came across this link yesterday about flash-based image galleries.

Comments section has some great advice as well.

This guy
's site is running off of Imagevuex ($54).

Any of the linked items would be very easy to setup. Some would be easier than others to maintain.

Feel free to email me if you have questions.
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Try smugmug? I've been very happy with it.
You can customize the pro accounts pretty easily. I'm having a designer do that for my photography site, and I'll continue to use the smugmug interface to organize galleries.

I've been using em for almost 2 years, and I just went the pro route, so I can get the domain/customization going.

Hit me up if you've got any questions. Email is in the profile.
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