What's the easiest way to print out a large web site?
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Help me destroy the rain forest: I'm want to print out a huge manual that only exists as a web site. What (free? cheap?) app exists that will allow me to suck the entire site into a PDF or some other sort of printable document? I'm Mac based but can scare up a PC if necessary.

I'm an Actionscript programmer that works with a team of people who are fifteen or more years younger than me. They're all cool with reading manuals online. I can't do that. I'm too old school. I need a physical book that I can carry with me and that I can keep next to my computer, flip through and mark up.

Adobe has PDF versions of almost all their manuals -- EXCEPT for their AS 3.0 manual, which is the one I need. And no 3rd-parties have come to the rescue. It looks like O'Reilly is coming out with a pocket guide to the language, but I need something more comprehensive.

I own pretty much ever AS 3 book in print (plus all the cheatsheets), and they're useful, but none of them is an overall reference to the language. If that's what you want, everyone refers you to the online document. Normally, I would just bite the bullet and give in, but AS is my bread-and-butter. I need a manual I can curl up in bed with.

I'd like to print the whole mother out, take it to Kinkos and have them bind it for me. How?
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I've had good luck using HTTrack or if you want to buy it, Teleport Pro works really well.

From that point, I think you can either find some way to batch print all the files, or there's probably some way to merge a bunch of htm files together into one continuous page.
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Best answer: Adobe acrobat Pro (which I know you have.)

File menu, Create PDF from webpage. You'll 'get' how to do the rest.
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Response by poster: filmgeek, it's not a webpage, it's a website with hundreds of pages. I need something that can download and batch-process all of them into a multi-page PDF. I'm guessing it's over 600 pages.
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Best answer: grumblebee, see when you go to create PDF from web page in Acrobat Professional there are two radio buttons. "Get only * levels" and "get site".

Use the latter and you should be sorted!
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Response by poster: Cool! Thanks.
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