Making Digital Booklets for iTunes on OSX
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I have the artwork/booklets for a number of CDs scanned in, and I would like to edit them and convert them to a PDF for use as a digital booklet in iTunes on OSX. What is the easiest way to go about doing this? Bonus points if I don't have to buy any software!
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Well, you can certainly edit and save the individual images as PDFs using Graphic Converter (which should have come with your Mac. If it didn't, it's a free download)

Not sure whether GC can stitch-together a multi-page PDF booklet, though. I use Acrobat Pro for such things.
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Pretty simple. If you have Acrobat professional, you can directly scan into a pdf and drag and drop that file (or add file from menu) into iTunes. If not, just scan the pdf tag and find yourself a free pdf application. In that case you can easily convert your scanned images into pdfs.
It's probably best that you edit the images in some image manipulation program before converting to pdf.
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Can't you just load them into Preview and then export them as PDFs? This would be very simple. Perhaps I am missing something.
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I do see that you want to edit the images. Even so, it's possible that Preview (or iPhoto) has you covered. Look under the Tools menu of Preview.
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There are two free programs available online which might be able to help you.

First, try the Gimp for image editing.

For windows, mac or unix.

Next, try Cute PDF writer. (when you're ready to create the pdf, go to "print" and print to cute pdf.)
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First, try the Gimp for image editing.
Can we please cease with the GIMP suggestions whenever anyone has a graphics question? Yeah, it's free...but that's about all it has going for it. To be fair, if you're going to suggest installing the GIMP, you should be required to also detail how you also have to install X11 on the Mac, as well as install all the various libraries and toolkits before you can begin to use GIMP. And then there's the font issues.
It's just not ready for anything near primetime...especially for anyone who isn't an avowed geek.

Cute PDF is nice...but it's Windows only.

It's obvious there are good choices here for creating individual PDFs. The big problem, as I read the OP, is getting them combined into a multi-page booklet (at least that's what it sounds like he is wanting) For making multi-page PDFs, you pretty much have to use Acrobat Pro.
You might be able to generate multi-page PDFs using Word, (assuming you already have it), using PDF export, but I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.

Sorry for the GIMP rant. When it comes to graphics questions, I always believe finding the simplest solution is the best way to go, especially if the questioner isn't a graphics pro. GIMP is so not a simple solution, and when I see it suggested, I kind of have a fit. No personal attack was intended.
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Thanks for all the answers everyone. I'm pretty sure I can do what little image editing is necessary in iPhoto, so I guess what I need at this point is a free alternative to Acrobat pro. Any suggestions?
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Well, if you're doing this in iPhoto, then you could print the individual photos to PDF after any editing you're doing.

Then (to keep it free) you could combine those single pdfs using OSX's Automator.
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