Most read pharmaceutical magazines in the UK
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What magazines and publications do people working in the pharmaceutical industry in the UK read?
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I work in a tiny, very niche consultancy, so I'm not at all representative, but along with the usual entertaining tomes (BNF, Drug Tariff, assorted price lists, etc) we get the Chemist & Druggist weekly. We operate on the commercial side of things, pharmacy and wholesale and so on, and this mag covers news that's relevant to my area, although it is aimed primarily at pharmacists.

(Their website seems to be down or in the middle of moving domains or something so I can't reliably link to them, but they used to live at I assume something useful will reappear at that address at some point soon.)

I'm not aware of any real must-read publications for the industry as a whole. And, naturally, I imagine that the high-flying directors of MegaPharma UK PLC get their real news on the golf course. You can't beat contacts and networking.
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There's a trade magazine called "Bio Tech international" that bills itself as "the European magazine for the Life Sciences Industry". URL is
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