Where can I find these metal things to hang a sign on a pole? Pic
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Where can I get these metal things to hang a sign on a pole? Picture included!

I need help finding these metal things to hang my sign on a pole. You can see an image here. Someone suggested just making them but I would feel comfortable buying one? I tried home depot but had no luck!
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It could be a simple tie or strap—basically a piece of sheet metal with holes in it used to attach things to other things—turned back onto itself and fastened. Some of them are definitely too thick to bend properly, but I seem to recall seeing some that would suit this purpose.
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Those are just strap iron, I doubt anyone makes them specifically. Your local big-box home store will have rolls of the stuff. Get a pair of tin snips and you should be set. Just use a short bolt with a nut to secure the curled portion back down against the stem so you're not relying on the metal's stiffness to keep the curl. (Strap iron is supposed to be flexible.)
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Those are a type of gate strap or hinge.
Any reasonably-stocked hardware store should have them, especially out near the country.

Any Tractor Supply stores near you?
I'm pretty sure my local Lowes and Menards carries them.
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Not sure how big your sign is, but something like this or this might work.
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This sign supply site might have some pre-fab something-or-other in their pdf catalog.
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