Sciencey/techy things to do in London?
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Does anyone have any ideas for touristy things to do in London on Saturday with a science / tech slant?


Hi all. I'm showing my cousin around London (UK) on Saturday. It's his first time outside his native Pakistan. I'm trying to think of an interesting itinerary for us.

He's here to take an MPhil/PhD in engineering (his sphere of expertise is telecommunications, FWIW) so I'd like to incorporate something science- or tech-related into our day. Any suggestions?
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The Science Museum is an obvious but nevertheless worthwhile choice.
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How about the Royal Observatory in Greenwich? I really enjoyed seeing Harrison's H4 in real life.
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I really like the Natural History Museum.

TIP: Make sure you go through the main entrance. I accidentally went through the back entrance and just lost the grandeur of the dinosaur skeleton greeting you at the front.
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The Science Museum is a great day out and even someone with a high level of scientific knowledge and understanding will find something interesting there.

I'm a particular fan of the Telecommunications and Computing galleries but there's plenty of other fun things too.
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The Time Galleries at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich have a lot of fun nerdy stuff about navigation and timekeeping. The webpage doesn't really do them justice and I would really recommend a visit.
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Seconding Greenwich, which is more park and museum than observatory, but has nice indoor and outdoor parts, and is a lot more historically significant than any modern museum.

Quick train ride.
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nthing the Science Museum. It has amazing things like spacecraft and Babbage's difference engine.

If they've seen all of this before, the new Wellcome Collection is also well worth seeing, and it's right in the centre of London.
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You picked the right weekend! Amazing-looking 'experiment marathon' at the Serpentine this weekend featuring Steven Pinker, Lewis Wolpert, the people from and more.
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If you go to Greenwich (which I highly recommend) it might be fun to take a boat tour of the Thames Barrier, a massive engineering work.
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Science things in London tomorrow.
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Not Tech related at all, but science I suppose. And really just to give another option for you.

The Old Operating Theatre Museum in Southwark. It's worth seeing if you're in the area. And small enough so could be visited in just an hour or two.
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I'll Nth the Royal Observatory. I live in Greenwich and it's a lovely area, when you're done there you can see the National Maritime Museum, or take a walk around the park if the weather's not too awful. Which it probably will be.
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If you go to the Museum of Natural History and are not averse to a bit of biology, take the free tour round the Darwin Centre. You get to go in the tank room and see the giant squid ("Archie").
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He might be interested in seeing Bletchley Park.
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Response by poster: Hey all, thanks for the awesome ideas! (We went to Greenwich in the end... I may take in the 24-hour experiganza today.)
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