What to do with a million gingersnaps
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Does anyone have a great recipe that calls for ginger snaps as an ingredient?

we just got a huge tin of yummy ginger snaps as a gift. Instead of gobbling them all up, I thought I'd look for recipes that creatively incorporate ginger snaps as an ingredient. Any good ones out there? Thanks
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Best answer: Crush 'em up and stir a little melted butter, and then press them into the bottom of a pan for the best cheesecake or pie crust ever.
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Ooh, and here's a great wtf recipe! Gingersnap gravy, indeed.
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Gotta try that gingersnap gravy myself, but I second the piecrust notion. Best ever!
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Best answer: Pumpkin Cheesecake. My wife just substitutes ginger snaps for the graham crackers. Absolutely delish, and perfect for the season.
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If you have kids there is a fun recipe they can make with them. Soak the biscuits in the liquid from a tin of mandarin segments, and sandwich them together with whipped cream into a log. Cover the log with more whipped cream and decorate the top with the mandarins. Slice diagonally and serve.

Hey, it's not haute cuisine, but it's a nice thing for kids to do and doesn't involve heat or powered cooking appliances.
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2nd the Sauetbraten with Gingersnap Gravy. Its like sausage, gross to watch being made (ewww...grey slimy beef?!?) but DEEEE-LICIOUS to eat.
When it starts to get cold, my mom always starts to think about making it.
It means fall to me.
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Best answer: This is fantastic and I have to make it every Thanksgiving for the family.
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and after reading that recipe for sauerbraten. They do it all wrong :)
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I've made Alton Brown's City Ham recipe for a crowd and it was well received.
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They're also commonly used in the gravy for roladen, which I am probably spelling wrong, but which is another classic German dish.
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Best answer: My mom makes something somewhat like this which is an easy, delicious dessert. Not sure if it's that exact recipe, but close.
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I've made peanut butter and ginger snaps sandwiches.
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I break them into pieces and mix them in with ice cream. (Mint ice cream, to be specific. With whipped cream.)
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Banana Pudding! (instead of nilla wafers)
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Just to add to the "use for a piecrust" recommendation... the combination of gingersnap crust + key lime pie is teh awesome.
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I usually use 'nilla wafers (crushed) to make rum balls. A couple of times, for variation, I've used graham crackers or ginger snaps. It works out really well--you can also add some candied ginger in there for more texture. And the holidays are right around the corner...if you made a bunch now, and set them aside in a dark corner somewhere, they'd be just about perfect by winter solstice!
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Ginger snaps can make for a fantastic hors d'oeuvre or small dessert:

Get some stilton cheese with lemon zest. Top each ginger snap with a slice of the lemon stilton, drizzle with honey, and top with a couple of almond slivers.

You would be amazed at how good this is.
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a variation on the log idea above - make the log just using the cooies and whipped cream, roll it in plastic wrap, and let it sit in the fridge overnight, it should meld into a gooey, sliceable treat
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