WAP/Mobile Road Conditions Site for MO/KC Metro Area?
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WAP/Mobile Websites for KC Metro Road/Weather Conditions?

I'm going to be starting a new job in two weeks with a regular commute down I-29 to KC and back on weekdays. I'm looking for a mobile (read: Treo) accessible website that gives current road conditions, which would really come in handy during the winter, especially if road conditions change en route or at the end of the drive. (Yes, I've tried to use MODOT's road conditions website, but it won't load using the Treo's web browser.) I've also checked out Traffic.com's mobile site, but it only gives driving conditions/stats, not road and weather conditions.
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When in doubt, go Google.

Navigate to http://www.google.com/gmm on your treo (java required) and you get an interactive Google Maps app w/ real time traffic overlays. It is about as good as you will get without a GPS receiver.

/ 700p owner w/o GPS
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How about downloading Opera mini so you can visit the same websites on your phone that you can visit on your computer?
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Thanks for the responses:

1)Kmadd: I already have the Google Maps for Treo app, which does give you traffic congestion status, as does Weather.com mobile. However, I'm more interested in weather-based road conditions ... for example: which areas are snow-covered ... is the interstate ahead blocked?

2)Cheerleaders: I've considered using Opera Mini, but I've heard horror stories about it causing problems. I'll pass and wait for the mobile version of Firefox to show up.

3)Wile: the site doesn't have road condition info.
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