Good leather-bound journals?
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Anyone know of a good, quality, leather-bound journal?

I'm looking for a gift for someone, and I had the thought of a nice leather-bound journal. I'd prefer it be something you could refill. I've found plenty of Google matches, but most of them seem to be from semi-shady sources, and I was wondering if there is one company that is considered de facto.

Sort of like Moleskin, but leather.

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Jenni Blick has lots, and many of those are refillable.
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Smythson of Bond Street has lovely small leathers.
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Levenger has a nice refillable jobbie.
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Mulberry make the best leather notebooks I have found, but they are not refillable (See Organisers & Inserts > Other.) Very nice though.
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Your timing is uncanny. I recently received an email from Levenger touting their new line of refillable leather journals. And though it makes me feel a bit like a cog, here's the link they gave:
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How about Moleskine, with leather? Cool Tools recently had a post about leather covers for Moleskine journals.
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Aspinal of London have a huge range and great service.
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Franklin Covey has been around forever making some of the best leather binders. I have used a zippered refillable calender for at least 5 years and it has performed perfectly. The leather binders can be used for any purpose and are a standard size which can use paper from any source.
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