Naked things to do without sex?
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What naked games or exercises can I play with my partner that are intimate, loving and/ or fun but don't necessarily involve sex?

I don't really want our sex life to be just about sex (as it is at the moment) - I want to learn about my partner and deepen that aspect of our relationship. I know people play with blindfolds and feathers and sitting naked opposite each other, but I think it'd be easier for me (and my partner) if these things were wrapped up in a game or activity.

What's your favorites? Or maybe you don't know of any, but you can share some that you've heard friends talk of...?
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Naked Twister?
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Response by poster: Naked Twister is a good idea, but I'd just like to clarify that I'm not necessarily looking for "games" like Naked Chess, rather, "Let's play this game where get as close to each other without touching," or suchlike.
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What about just dancing around the house together, or sharing baths and showers? Sunbathing or swimming in the nude if you have access to a pool? A visit to a nudist colony or beach?

(My SO and I like to soak in the tub together, each reclining on opposite ends with our legs intertwined, and listen to audiobooks. Candles and Lush bath products are essentials.

Not related to nudity, but the audiobooks are another way to spend time with each other and share experiences. We listened to the last Harry Potter together (in person), and since we have to spend a lot of time apart, we use Skype to listen to other books, and have conversations about them after.)
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Tickle fights
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These aren't games, strictly speaking. But you can sure do them nekkid!

Cook a meal and feed them every bite.

Bathe and groom them with total spa attention to detail.

Arm wrestle, leg wrestle, ticklefight.


Naked movie night!

Naked housecleaning! With rock music! (this is how I like to do the bathroom anyway... I just get wet along with the shower as I clean it, no bleach on my clothes.)
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Check up. Check each other's moles. Breast/testicle exam to check for lumps. This can easily be followed by a massage.
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Greco-Roman wrestling. And if you'd like a referee to keep score, my email address is in my profile.
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Strip Scrabble.

Every word you lay down that can be used in a sexual innuendo requires that the other person take off a piece of clothing. If the word is directly related to sex, you get to choose the other piece of clothing that your partner must remove.

And if you lay down all your tiles, go straight to sex. Or whatever else delights you.
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One thing I like to do with a partner I feel close to is just spend some time holding them in the nude. I highly recommend looking into tantra. It has a lot of principles you'd probably find interesting and isn't all about the Kama Sutra sex positions.

Also, exchanging nude full-body massages is a good way to be intimate and sweet with one another while exploring and becoming comfortable with one another's bodies while not having sex.

And I'm going to 2nd the feeding each other in the nude experience. I did this with my girlfriend once. We would blindfold one another on successive nights and prepare a meal for our blindfolded partner, then feed it to them one bite at a time. Each little flavor was a surprise and a delight. And you learn to trust one another in the process.
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Just as a tip, if you are cooking naked, avoid anything to do with frying or sauteing. Trust me.
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Two suggestions: photography and yoga.

If you are at all interested in photography, then I recommend trying different poses, and lighting set ups. They don't have to be XXX! rated, I'd do something more like black and white artistic photos. To change things up, you could try using some props or even some amount of clothing.

Naked yoga would be cool, because it's good for you, and you'll get to see your partner from different angles and in different positions than you would otherwise see them in.
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I'll "n'th" all the other recommendations for massage too. Be sure to break out the candles, oil, and soft music. Read up on how the professionals actually do massages (like special hand motions and whatnot).
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Seconding showering and eating in bed together. These are my favorite things about the morning and the weekend, respectively.
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Mr. Adams and I used to enjoy Strip Boggle. Before meeting him, I'd considered myself something of a Boggle prodigy, and it turns out he thought himself something of an expert, which is why when we started seriously dating I got cocky and challenged him to a strip Boggle match. It was a lot of fun, with taunting on each side ("Socks don't count!") and was something of a suconscious bonding experience.
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when cooking naked, or even just cooking before sex, if your partner is cooking something invloving hot peppers, and he does the typical male jock itch thing, MAKE SURE he washes his junk before penetration. things can go along the lines of "oh baby, you're so hot tonight... oh baby you're hot... OW! BABY! you're BURNING!!!! ow ow ow ow!!"

(...or so i've heard.)
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everyone forgot to mention strip poker...or any card game turned into a card/stripping game.
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Seconding massage.
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Naked Twister is a good idea

Naked Twister is a bad idea unless you're either extremely flexible or OK with having someone else there to call out the moves.
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You could also make dice or cards that allow you to choose:
a) an action
b) a body part.
Each person chooses a card/rolls the dice for each category, and has the do action to the body part. The actions can be a massage, a kiss, a dab of chocolate to be licked off, or whatever you'd like. As for the body parts, you can go with the obvious, but it's also fun(ny) to include, say, elbow. Make it as serious or as silly as you're in the mood for.
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Body painting.
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Hot tub.
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Lay face down. Have your partner trace a simple picture of something on your naked back with their fingers. Wait til they're done, then try to guess what they drew.

If you guess right, you get to go again, up to 3 times in a row. (It feels pretty nice to have your lover draw on your back!) If you guess wrong, switch places because it's their turn.

Dammit, now you went and made me want a girlfriend...
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LordSludge, I second that activity whole-heartedly!! Mom used to play that with me as a kid. I find it very, very relaxing.
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use a nylon hairbrush or natural-bristle back-scrubber shower brush (dry) to gently brush each other's skin while lying in bed. feels reeeeeally nice on your back.

not to be graphic, but i read an article once that suggested having sex without thrusting. i can't find the article, but basically one of you inserts, then stays basically still (or moves as little as possible) while the other does kegels or equivalent. make eye contact. supposedly this slows it all down & increases intimacy.
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Naked gardening, in the backyard of course. Take movie and TV scripts available on the Web and act them out on camera naked. Groom each other naked (e.g., pop pimples, shave back hair, trim pubes, dye hair, shave legs, cut/file nails).
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Scalp massages, head scratching, and tracing facial features (with our fingers) are something my SO and I love to do when laying around naked together.
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If your partner is female and usually does it herself, shave her legs (and other bits if she trusts you to do so). It's pretty intimate, and you get to explore every curve and bump.
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Take a cup of water and a set of watercolor pencils, then strip off and draw on each other. You can also play hangman, tic-tac-toe, etc., or make little faux-tattoos.

Fun, creative, and feels good. :)
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hey, has nobody mentioned skinnydipping yet?

(and, in particular, nightswimming. here's a hint: public beaches get pretty deserted at night, and especially so during rain or thunderstorms)
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Another variation on the bodyart theme: Intimate henna tattoos. They fade over time and you can put them in sensitive areas since there's no needle.
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Dance Dance revolution
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Dance Dance revolution

Yeowch. Unless anyone's bigger than an A-cup.
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"Yeowch. Unless If anyone's bigger than an A-cup" is surely what you meant, right?
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I think I meant, "Unless anyone's bigger than an A-cup...yeowch." But yeah.
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When I was in college, there were some people who liked to cover the entire floor with cut up garbage bags taped together, get naked, and roll around in a few gallons of cooking oil.

Of course, there's always Strip Happy Days Game.
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Try painting a room naked together, it's fun and you a chore outta the way.
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