Can I get business travel (only) life insurance?
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I have to travel to Johannesburg for 3 weeks on business so I thought I'd check our corporate travel / life insurance. I'm covered for $20,000 which I consider way below par. I need business travel life insurance options.

Our health insurance (Blue Anthem) dictates a minimum level of life insurance cover, which we have: $20,000. We also have business travel insurance which covers medical expenses extra -- but no life cover. Our UK staff have life insurance at 3x / 4x their annual salary (depending on number of dependents).
I don't need extra comprehensive life insurance for my every day life - at least not from my company. But I would like to be cover in the event of a plane crash (wherever I travel on business) or a carjacking in Jo-Berg say.

Does anyone have experience of specific business travel life insurance or similar plans? I'd like to approach HR with some good background knowledge.
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Are you looking for something like basic travel insurance? This would be a one-off charge that would cover you for most things only for the time you travel - life, medical, lost baggage etc.
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Best answer: Do you have accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance through your work? That would probably cover air travel. I see what you mean. Basically, you don't want your family screwed over if you should die during business travel. Most conditions you would be extra-susceptible to only during business travel would probably be accidental, and non-health related. I emphasize MIGHT though, because as we all know, insurance companies like to make exclusions. I definitely wouldn't put it past any insurance company to exclude air travel and travel outside the country, as they are seen as dangerous and avoidable.
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Response by poster: Thanks for answering y'all.

triggerfinger: We have travel insurance already. It covers medical expenses, lost baggage etc. Pretty much everything except a lump sum in the event of my being "whacked".

gauchodaspampas: Yes - that's right "you don't want your family screwed over if you should die during business travel". I'm not sure whether our insurance is AD&D. I just know that it's 20k of minimum life insurance that is mandated by Blue Anthem.

So I guess AD&D is what I need. Either that or to convince the company to change to a travel insurance provider that includes life insurance also - the latter is not likely to be easy.
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Best answer: Are you going to be taking any internal flights while in Africa? The reason I ask is the standards for domestic flights are very poor in many African nations.

I've spent a lot of time on the ground down there and domestic flights are downright scary - try to avoid if at all possible.

International flights operate in an entirely different safety regime, however, as other nations will simply refuse transit or landing / take off privileges should they not be up to acceptable standards.

So don't fret the getting there & going home part, but avoid domestic flights at all costs.

I can't comment on car jackings / etc in South Africa - I almost always had local security with me - but you're smart to consider the need for this as $20K isn't going to cover a lot of expenses if you've got to be flown out in a hurry.

If you've personally got a higher end credit card (i.e., Amex Platinum, etc), try to see if the company will let you pay with that. Some of the better cards will automatically insure up to $1M for travel paid for using this facility.

Also make sure you've gotten your jabs and don't forget to bring and use a Malaria prophylaxis.

But most of all - enjoy Africa!
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Response by poster: Mutant: No I shan't be taking any internal flights -- I was more concerned about the (remote chance of) mugging, car jackings etc.

Um... I've just realised that my opening post was misleading. In a nutshell:
- I have work travel insurance. It covers medical, baggage etc. It does not cover compensation for accidental death or dismemberment.
- I have life insurance through work, but only to the tune of 20k. (I work in the US for the US branch of a UK company. The UK employees all have 3/4x salary as life insurance.)

Additional AD&D seems to be the best option therefore -- if I can get the company to pay for it. Otherwise getting credit card cover could work too.
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