Clark W. Griswold sure likes to sing!
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Help me solve a bet regarding the Chevy Chase National Lampoon Vacation series

Does Clark W Griswold ever sing "Michael, Row the Boat Ashore"? It can be in Christmas Vacation, National Lampoon's Vacation, or European Vacation.

Ten dollars worth of goods and services are on the line here, people.

Thanks! :)
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I think it's in the first one ("National Lampoon's Vacation") when he's lost in the desert.
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I sure don't remember it if he did, and the Wikpedia page for the song doesn't mention it, either, which, considering that it mentions the song's appearance on "Wings," I would think it would if it had happened.
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I think he sings "Swing low, sweet chariot," rather than "Michael."
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Yes, it is "Swing low..."
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Damn. Maybe I'm thinking of Volunteers (and they sing it on the plane?).
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I know he sings "Swing low, sweet chariot" in one of the Fletch movies. Just up to the first "carry me home". It's done when he gets tossed into a jail cell, which happens in both movies, so I'm not sure which one.

(I watched both Fletches only a couple of days ago.)
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Best answer: This transcript from Script-o-rama says he sing "Swing Low Sweet Chariot" in the car in Vacation. In the desert he sings "Over the River and Through the Woods", "99 Bottles of Beer", and "I Love a Parade"

This transcript for European Vacation (appears short because there are no cast names or spacing) has no references to "Michael Rowed."
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He sings "Old Man River" briefly while crossing the Mississippi. First movie.
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Did you and the other bettor forget about Vegas Vacation? I wish I could.
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Response by poster:
box, we didn't think of that one! Any chance of a Chevy Chase singalong in that one???

I lost the bet but you still rock, hive mind.

Now I just have to convince my boyfriend to accept his $10 in the form of kisses. Hmm... I can see my next question forming now...
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