Need music for camping trip
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CampingMusicFilter: I need some help putting together around 3-5 mixed cd's with some good music to take camping and play on the good ol jambox. Can all you great people suggest some songs/artists so i can start this little project? BTW....extra kudos if you can specifically suggest phish,Grateful dead, and wsp songs but really all songs from all genres.....Thank!!!
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John Fogerty - Rock & Roll Girls
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Gringo Honeymoon - Robert Earl Keen
The Road goes on forever - Robert Earl Keen
*Actually anything off his Live #2 CD
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4'33" - John Cage
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The sounds of nature.
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DISCLAIMER : I'm a WiLDHEARTS nerd. Anything by the Wildhearts. I'm sorry - I'm obssessed.
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I second MCLC...

However, I'm not a nature Nazi - it can be fun listening to good music while partying in the great outdoors - just remember to be considerate of those in the vicinity who might not prefer to hear people music.

Despite my conflicted opinions of potentially loud camping, I'd recommend visiting and pulling down entire Grateful Dead live shows.
Hoist and Lawn Boy are two very excellent Phish albums that are easy to swallow for any non Phish fans that may be present.

Own any Sting Cheese Incident tunes? Get some.

I would also suggest a healthy dose of Willie Nelson, the Highwaymen, and Neil Young. Maybe even some Jethro Tull if you can get down with the flute.

Iron Maiden is always good too.
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The Outdoor Type by the Lemonheads.

Also the Yo La Tengo instrumental album The Sounds of the Sounds of Science is the soundtrack to a series of documentaries about sea life. Good music for staring at stars.
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Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd is a great song for that type of environment.
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Stow the jambox, and bring instruments.
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"Fishin' in the Dark" by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
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Well I had a really DELIGHTFUL weekend once listening to the same Police music over and over and over from a campsite three over from ours.
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Blind Melon's self titled album has a bunch of tracks that are good for the great outdoors. A couple of the cuts off of Neutral Milk Hotel's In the Aeroplane Over the Sea might be choice as well.
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Camping? You must have The Mule Skinner Blues.
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Just a few ideas:

Take a Load off Annie / The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down by the Band

Ministry has a great version of Friend of the Devil from The Bridge Schoo Concerts, Volume 1 (actually most of that CD is awesome).

David Bowie (Heroes/ Suffragette City/ Under Pressure)
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I was traumatized while camping a few years ago when a group of obnoxious folks at a nearby site played ABBA's Greatest Hits at deafening volume through The World's Crappiest CD Player. Probably didn't help that they played it ad nauseum for most of the weekend. Or that they were drunk and singing along. :shudder:

However, since your request includes the Grateful Dead, I'll give you a pass and assume you have the decency to limit your volume and hours of operation, and won't be playing tunes continuously unless you are at a private campground where you are the only ones around.

For Grateful Dead camping tunes, I'd recommend either of the officially released live acoustic albums from the 1980 Warfield/Radio City Music Hall runs (Reckoning or the Beyond Description bonus disc), or any live shows from, well, anything pre-1991, with an emphasis on 1972-73 (although Harpur College, 5/2/70, available as Dick's Picks 8, and Fillmore East, 9/20/70, both have great acoustic sets and are mighty fine shows in all regards, and would be fun to listen to on a camp out.

whatever you choose, have fun, and be a good neighbor.
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From two different directions:
Most of Jonathan Richman's stuff is simple and catchy and easy to sing along with by the second verse.
Some Native American flute (try Carlos Nakai) can be awesome outdooors.
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Yeah, that extra "o" in outdoors has no significance.
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If you're in a campground with others, nix the music entirely - intrusive no matter what time of day...

Out by yourselves?
WSP - Hatfield, Fishwater, L.a. are groovier favorites

GD- China Cat -> I Know You Rider (live is better of course)

ABB - the first disc of Live At Fillmore East rocks esp. In Memory of Elizabeth Reed
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I am recommending something a little more offbeat. This is the late night wind down sort of thing: a couple of tracks of Paavoharju's Yha Hmarra scattered through your mix. It is active enough to keep you interested but sparce enough to let you experience the natural ambience.
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