Where to stay in Mexico?
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Where to stay in Mexico for a large family?

I've read the numerous previous postings on trips to Mexico and I'd love some more information relating to my specific circumstance. My family of 13 (9 adults, including our 88-year-old grandmother, and 4 children under 5) plans to spend a week in the Cancun area this January. Can you recommend lodging in Playa del Carmen or elsewhere? A 5- or 6-room hacienda on the beach with a private pool would be great. We are looking for something more private than the typical huge all-inclusive resort and are more concerned with quality than price. I have found www.playa.info somewhat helpful but would love to hear hear about personal experiences and other options. Thanks!
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On Isla Mujeres there is a little vacation-apartment complex called Villas Punta Sur. I'm not sure how many units there are (about a dozen maybe), and how many of those are 2br, but we loved it there when we went in January. It was calm and quiet and the pool was very lovely.

It is out on the less-busy south end of the island, and last I checked the buses still don't go out there. Soon, I don't doubt. You can rent golf carts for the week, or just wait for a cab to pass, which happens every few minutes. There are resorts down that way, so there are restaurants, and the apartments are nicely stocked with cooking and eating implements. There's a good-sized grocery store in the central plaza where all the action is.

It was not very busy in January, the only other people we talked to was a large family there for three weeks. We hardly noticed them.
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Villas Akumal looks really awesome. I was going to go there with my family last july, on recommendation from my sister's pediatrician who's been there with his family. (Our own vacation fell through at the end.)

The villas are probably not big enough for 13, but you could probably get two of them side to side.
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we stayed at marina el cid in puerto morales, just south of cancun last summer. it is a resort with an all inclusive option, but it is small. has hotel type suites as well as 3 and 3 bedroom condos. biggest downside would be if you don't do all inclusive there is only on restaurant in walking distance. fabulous pool, so so beach.
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that would be 2 and 3 bdrm condos. sheesh.
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A villa in puerto aventuras seems like it would fit your needs. It's about 20 minutes south of Playa and an hour or so south of Cancun. It is a gated community that has a nice, little "village center" area.
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You want to stay in the Hacienda Vista Real.

I went there three years ago, and we fit 13 in there easy. I have no idea how much it cost, but it was reallly, super nice. Probably the nicest hotel I've stayed in.

They also have access to a private beach that's not crowded and would be perfect for 4 little kids.

It's about a 20 minute walk from the main drag in Playa Del Carmen, and a 2 minute cab ride.
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I think it will be quite difficult to get a hotel with rooms for 5 to 6 persons.
There is this Mimi del Mar right at the beach. They have a penthouse for more persons. It´s a small hotel and with your family you will fill half of the hotel. All rooms are with little kitchenette.
Hope you will enjoy your stay at Playa.
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