Convert my power: US to España!
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I am an American on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Valencia, Spain. I left my electronic travel tools at home. Help!

Does anyone know where in Valencia I can find a US to Continental Europe power plug converter? Today I have seen tons of US to Continental Europe adapters, and lots for various other countries - but the one store we found that even carries a US to Continental Europe adapter was sold out.

All of my various chargers and cables can handle the change in voltage, I just need to be able to fit my three-prong peg into two-round holes.

Any ideas? Bonus points for anything near the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, but my inner photographer is crying so anything will do.
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Just to say : have you asked the hotel staff for the plug itself or for help to locate one ? Additionally, you may considering visiting one of the following big retailer chainer : Mediaworld , Saturn . These sell only electronics, lots of them. You may also try Carrefour and Auchan chains, but thesere a-la Walmart. If my memory serves there is an enormous commercial zone just outside of Valencia, unfortunately I don't remember the may be so lucky to find these stores in one place, but unless you have a car and a GPS I'd first ask about direction on how to get a taxi over there, as I believe not many taxi drivers in Valencia speak enligh well enough....many think they don't, but they really don't.
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If your hotel does not have one, go to a bigger more american hotel or one that does conventions and they will. Probably in the gift shop. No one has to know you aren't staying there. Ask the concierge for help if the gift shop doesn't have them, they probably have a stash. If they ask if you are a guest or ask for your room number say "This time I'm staying with a friend, but I've stayed here in the past"
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Look for a yacht chandler down by the Americas Cup Port or Real Club Nautico. After this years event I'm sure it wont be a surprise request.
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Go to any Chinese store and you can find them. Chinese stores usually are everywhere and stay open with good hours. Otherwise, stop in at a Ferreteria.
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There's a Carrefour near those huge white buildings/musuems in the south.

If you are super desperate, you can go to a hostel and there will be a price with which someone will part with their adapters or let you rent one. I know I would have done such a deal.
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And for some crazy reason, my brain is telling me that the hostel I stayed at in Valencia, the Center-Valencia, has multi country power plugs in the rooms and common areas. Call ahead to confirm, as it's near the Plaza de la Virgen.
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Try the airport maybe?
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