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Help me find a great black pencil skirt

I'm looking for a black pencil skirt, but there are a few caveats. First, I want it in wool; second, it should zip in the back or on the side; and third, it should have some sort of hidden control panel. I have this skirt by Spanx, but I'm looking for something that looks more like a classic pencil skirt, not something that pulls on.

I know I could wear special skinny-making underwear beneath a regular skirt, but that's bloody uncomfortable. I'd rather not.

Price: $100 or less would be nice, but I'll consider paying more.
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You could try Club Monaco, I have a couple pencil skirts from there. (Mine are not wool, but I seem to recall they have one in there now.)
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Response by poster: I just bought a Michael Kors skirt off Ebay for $42. It's not perfect. I think I may have to have it taken in and it looks like I'll be wearing the skinny-making underwear after all, but it was $42 dollars! Also, it's the perfect length. Of course, by the time I pay for the tailoring... oh hell, what have I done...
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I was going to say Club Monaco or Benetton, but then I noticed your control panel requirement - Spiegel have a lot of tailoring with control features.
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Response by poster: Thanks.

I looked at the Spiegel site before I posted. Almost, but not quite right. I actually have a pair of their FXshape wide-legged pants, and they're pretty cool. The skirts, though, all either have some weird paneling or are made from synthetic fibers (I'm not a total snob about that - it's just not what I'm looking for this time).
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