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Where can I find lists of the most popular Spanish top 40 music from summer, 2002?

I danced the summer away in 2002, and to a lesser extent, the fall of 2000 in Salamanca and Madrid, Spain. Now I'd love to get a hold of some of those songs somehow. Problem is, I don't know what they're called, who sang them, or what the words were. I speak decent Spanish, but I can't make out lyrics in any language, especially not at three in the morning. So, I just have a few songs in mind, like the one that went "da-da-da, waaahh!!!" and other incomprehensible, unhelpful tidbits, but only a couple actual names.

So, where can I find a list of what was popular on the radio or in clubs for a specific time for Spain? General dance clubs, like Capital in Madrid. I'm not looking for the best songs of the year, some of these songs were really horrible. But they make me happy, so I want them. Ideally, a sight that would stream, or let me listen to 10 second samples would be perfect.

Here are a couple of the songs that I did manage to remember: 'Asereje' by Las Ketchup, 'Torero', 'Brinca, Salta, Bailalo' by El Simbolo and 'Baila Morena' by Zucherro. Stuff like that is what I'm looking for. And I could never admit to it in person.

Thanks, you'll be helping me relive a really great time in my life!
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Doing a Google search for "musica pop espanol 2002 lista de diez" I found this site. Scroll down for Año 2002.
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Best answer: I studied in Madrid fall of 2002, and the souvenier I bought myself was a three-disc CD with a DVD called Todos Exitos. It was packed with pop music from the time I was there. I can't find it online right now, but maybe when I get home I can dig it out and see what I can tell you.

Off the top of my head, though, I remember the following songs from that time:

"Ave Maria" and "Llorare las penas" by David Bisbal.
"Soy Yo" by Marta Sanchez
"Cuando Tu Vas" by Chenoa
"Que la Detengan" by David Civera
A bunch more songs from contestants of that American Idol-like show...damn what was it called? Operacion Triunfo!
And of course the songs from UPA dance, the CD put out by the TV show Un Paso Adelante. I think that released while I was there, though, so it probably wasn't out there in the summer. Maybe one of the early singles were, though--I'd guess "Once Again," "Baila Morena" or "Morenita."

Thanks for reminding me about Torero and Las Ketchup! I'm totally downloading some when I get home, for old times sake.
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Best answer: The long-standing music TV show "Los 40 principales" released a Best of 2002" album which seems to contain a decent sample of the strangely likeable pop crap that was ravaging the Spanish airwaves at the time. Track list is here.

Thinking of that, wasn't that the year the second series of Operación Triunfo was on TV? I was out of the country at the time, but if it was anything like the first they probably played the songs from the show 'till everyone hated them, and then played them some more.

And if you're after the music you heard in the clubs rather than what was played on the radio, the Caribe Mix 2002 should be close to what you're looking for.

On preview - lampoil already covered most of it. Hope this helps anyway.
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Best answer: I studied in Madrid back in 2001, so right between your dates. I bought a double disc compliation CD called "Boom 2001". There were several of these sorts of compilations.

Here's what Boom 2002 had on it.

This might also help a little.

You hit on a nostalgic moment for me too. I spent my 21st birthday at Kapital. And just the other day, I was reading up on the first season Operación Triunfo cast.
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