Tiny little springs
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boing! Anyone know where I can buy tiny springs (1mm outer diameter)?

I only need a few, so I expect the charges will be largely dominated by shipping, but I can't seem to find any tiny spring stores. I live in San Francisco, in the unlikely event that someone knows a place local.

I've already tried watch repair stores and fencing supply stores (epee travel springs are about two times too big)
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You could buy some fine music wire and wind your own by wrapping it around a 1mm rod, maybe:
Spring-making instructions
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Compression or extension springs? Small Parts has stainless steel instrument compression springs in small quantities with an outer diameter of 0.057in (1.4mm) in either 302 stainless or 316 stainless.
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You probably have to go online. Lee Spring has catalog springs down to 1.4 mm outside diameter and they do custom springs as well; you could see if they would quote a 1 mm size.
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These are probably too big, but what about the springs that are inside retractable pens? My brother and I always used to break perfectly good pens to get to them and then attach them to 9-volt batteries to make the world's most dangerous hand-warmers.
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Have you checked electronics parts and supply stores? There's a whole list of places here you could call and ask.
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Check at a good local locksmith shop. They should have an assortment of springs that will be small enough.
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I highly recommend smallparts.com.

McMaster Carr is another great source for this sort of thing, though they don't seem to have sizes like you'd like.

If this is a one-time thing, a source like American Science and Surplus might be just the ticket.
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Wow, thanks for all the links. Yeah, I'm looking for compression springs.

Wrapping something around a 1mm rod would make a 1mm inner diameter. The 1mm outer diameter springs I have that are broken that I am trying to replace fit fairly snugly on a map pin. (It's from a watch clasp is why I tried a watch place).

If my locksmith can't come up with anything I'll try one of those 1.4mm springs and see if I can jam it in there. It's nearly half again too big though, but at least it's cheap.
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Handguns also have small springs. A local gun repair shop may be able to help.
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Try a gun shop. The Smith and Wesson 5986 9mm pistol has a REALLY small spring inside assembly for the firing pin that might be the right size. It's possible other firearms have similar springs too. I'm not saying I've ever seen such a thing at a gunsmith's, but it wouldn't suprise me.
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What about the springs that are inside watch band pins?
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Ha, that's funny. I just came back here to recommend what zsazsa recommended. Congrats.
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