I have a half-baked idea
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Are there any websites or online communities in which people submit their 'ideas' for public use?

I understand how vague this sounds, and will do my best to explain.

I have a lot of half-baked ideas. These may include websites, plots for short films, fast food restaurants and so on. While I lack the motivation and knowhow to implement most of these things, I'd still get a kick out of seeing them brought into existence.

I thought it would be interesting if a website existed in which people were able to submit their ideas, plans and designs for public review, with the expectation that more resourceful people may actually choose to implement them.

Basically it would be a community based 'think tank', a forum for 'open-source imagining' (cough). The website would involve registered members submitting their ideas while others provide feedback and criticism. There would be some degree of moderation and perhaps some sort of voting or upmodding system which would make particularly outstanding entries more visible to everyone.

Understandably, people may be reluctant to divulge a good idea without receiving credit or compensation, but participants would understand that this is the nature of the experiment (and one would hope that a good natured community would look after these elements anyhow).

After all, why let a good idea lie dormant?

My ultimate question is whether or not something like this already exists, or whether or not it would even be feasible?
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Best answer: Have you seen the Half-Bakery?
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Roundtuit via Projects.
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This might constitute what you are looking for...

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It’s jokey, but there’s also Bad Idea a Day.
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Seconding the Halfbakery.
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Global Ideas Bank.
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Response by poster: Nothing new under the sun! Thanks guys.
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I was going to start a magazine called "Good Ideas Magazine. #1: This Magazine." I never did, because I figured somebody else would get to it. Thanks for asking this question -- I was right!
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SinceSlicedBread - It's more of a US-policy-centric site, where you propose your idea and people comment on them and the best ideas are then adopted for execution by volunteers/organizers. It was a call-to-action site. And a significant number of the ideas here are of the "Let's solve the problem of World Peace/Global Warming/Poverty" variety -- nothing wrong in that as well -- but clearly process and political action oriented, rather than inventions per se. But they do have some other general ideas. I just checked and it seems they are coming up with a book as well. (Sample Book Pdf)

IronicSans - This is not a community site. But this guy/gal(?) posts a whole lot of fantastic ideas on his site. Even when he's not posting ideas, his blog is quite a treat.
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Oh man, you want Cambrian House, "home of crowdsourcing." It's exactly as you describe. Click on the "ideas" section to see the current round of notions that are being discussed. The winners of each week's round advanced to a month-end tournament.
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