Obtaining a GED while abroad.
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I need to get my GED but I'm abroad.

I'm living overseas and need to get my GED so that I can enroll in university here in New Zealand, but I can't find any information about how to go about getting a GED if you're not in the US, or if that's even possible. I'm hoping not to have to fly home to do this if I can avoid it. Any advice is welcome!
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"I need to get my GED but I'm abroad."
Don't worry, women can get them, too :)

According to this about.com article, Sylvan has international testing centers. There is a US phone number in the article for locations.
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I got my GED through the Sylvan Testing Center here in Warsaw, Poland a couple of years ago. It wasn't too expensive and very easy.
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I need to get my GED but I'm a broad.

The fact that you're a woman shouldn't stop you from reaching for your dreams. I say go for it!
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Response by poster: Thanks all! (is it bad that as soon as I posted this I thought of the "I'm a broad" joke too?)
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