Fixing a freezer.
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I just broke my landlady's fridge-freezer. I was scraping ice out of the icy part, and I nicked the cooling device, letting out all the magic gas. Can I fix it? Can my engineer buddies fix it?

The model is the LG GR-151SSF, a piece of crap by all accounts. The part I broke seems to be called the evaporative assembly - it looks like this and it costs £50 including for a new one, but I have a feeling that that will be less of a problem than replacing the coolant, which I have only a vague idea of how to do. Some guy on the internet said you can epoxy the line closed and hire the necessary bits to refill it from a mechanic's, is that true?
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Best answer: See this previous question.

The only person there who said they've had it done to a fridge claimed it was $400-500.

Modern fridges are sealed systems and aren't designed to be recharged; they're not like big air conditioners or industrial refrigeration apparatus.
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Response by poster: Whoops, missed that one. Sorry. Though the OP there said it only cost $90, so I live in hope.
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Best answer: Google turned up someone selling the same fridge for £30 here but it looks fairly far away from you. If that price is in the right ballpark for that model fridge then it almost certainly isn't worth fixing.
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Response by poster: That's fairly awesome. Cardiff is indeed a way away, but I don't think I'll be in too much trouble if that's what it's worth. Thanks guys!
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Next time let time and heat, not scrapers, remove your ice build up. What a horrible way to learn your lesson. No, this is not fixable, at least for a reasonable amount of money.
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Response by poster: Yeah, it was a bit of an ohshitno moment. Thank goodness she managed to buy the cheapest so-called fridge ever.
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I was at work and was watching when someone did the same thing - worst part was they all thought it was me!

They needed to replace it.
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Look at the bright side: at least (I hope) your girlfriend wasn't telling you not to do that and you weren't insisting you know what you're doing before the screwdriver got shot across the room in a spectacular jet of frosty freon.
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Response by poster: StickyCarpet, just saw why you suggested that particular scenario. Arg. There should be a fridge abusers' support group, or something.
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