What type of gel is good for spiking unspike-able hair?
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What is a good hair gel to spike my 6-year old nephew's spike-resistant hair?

I've tried a few different types of hair gel, mostly from drugstores and a couple from hair salons, but none have been able to overcome his hair type which is thick, straight and coarse. It looks really good for the first hour and then it starts to submit to his natural hair style. He really likes pointy spiked hair, not just on the top but on all sides. I've tried gel, gel with hair spray, gel dried with a hair dryer, gel-hair spray-hair dryer and nothing works. Is there a tried-and-true brand out there that is not too expensive and stands up to "mega hold" status for a kid's rough and tumble lifestyle? Thanks!
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Instead of gel, try this "spiker" stuff, combined with Aqua Net. The first product was enough to make my hair - also straight, thick, and coarse - stand at attention whenever commanded to do so.
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My mom used to use Dippity Doo on my little sister's extremely fine, straight hair. I realize that her hair type is the diametric opposite of your nephew's, but by god that was the only thing that could keep her hair in ringlets. And it worked. And it's cheap.
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I have thick, mostly straight, coarse hair, and for spiking I use Fiber (brand: Crew). It ain't cheap, but you only need a tiny tiny bit of it per use, so a $15 tub lasts me quite a while. It keeps the style intact, and gets neither hard (and then dandruffy) nor soft and floppy.
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Knox's unflavored gelatin, favorite of broke mohawk-sporting US punks since time immemorial.
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I thought all the punks used water diluted elmers glue - dissolves later in warm water but the spikes will put holes in things
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wax, plus a flat iron.
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I second Elmer's glue.
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Thirding the glue.
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Got2b spiking glue! I can find it at my local CVS.
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Best answer: wax/pomade.

murray's wax is a classic, super-cheap, and lasts pretty much until you wrangle him into a shower (with shampoo). You should be able to pick it up at any drugstore, pretty sure it's under 2-3 bucks a can. Wax has a little more staying power than gel if he gets sweaty, etc (gel will pretty much melt/run off your hair). Keep in mind most classier wax/pomades will NOT have the same hold that murray's does because they're designed to not make your hair totally gunky and nasty. if you still need to pump up the hold, you can throw in some baby powder (apparently gelatin -- unflavored -- is another option that some kids are using these days).

wax *may* not give him those guido-style-spikes that are beloved by those Gotti kids, but it should work pretty great for everything else.
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What houseofdanie said.

It has never, ever failed me.

Also, I have really thick hair.
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Thirding houseofdanie with the Got2B Spiking Glue. Top it off with Aqua Net and you've got yourself helmet head.
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I'll third houseofdanie's recommendation.
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..woops I mean, I'll fourth the recommendation..
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You don't want gel. You want what we in the industry call "product." I recommend Sumo Tech by Bumble and Bumble. It's a water soluble pasty wax type of thing that will spike even the most resistant hair. It is $20 a tub but it will last you.
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I recall the faux punks from high school used egg whites to get their 'hawks spiky as all get out.
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Glue's good, Elmers makes a blue gel glue that works best.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the suggestions everyone!

I've tried Got2b spiking glue and it doesn't work! I talked to my sister and she says that Bedhead's Manipulator Sculpting Putty is the only thing that comes close to keeping his hair spiked. I haven't tried wax and will keep an eye out for your suggestions. Thanks again!
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Oh my gosh, if that spiking glue didn't work, I think the kid's hair must have muscle tissue in it or something.

In that case, going back to actual glue might be your best bet if the wax doesn't work out. I was a teen in the 80s, and my friends put all manner of things in their hair to make the pretty shapes. If you do use glue, you'll probably want to follow the child's shampoo with a decent conditioner or his hair will eventually turn very, very brittle.
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Some people just have unspikeable hair, myself included. Sad but true.
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