Where and how did Freud discuss "reaction formation"
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FREUDIANS: the concept "reaction formation" -- which book does it come from and/or what was it called in German?

I'm writing a paper in German and want to use "reaction formation" as an analogy but I don't know what this is called in German. If I at least knew what book it comes from I could look it up myself. "Reaktionbildung" has almost zero Google hits.
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I don't know the answer, but have you tried checking the German version of wikipedia for Freud? The articles are not simply translations, so you may find an answer there.
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it's Reaktionsbildung
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The proper German term is "Reaktionsbildung" and it is a well-recognised form of defense mechanism(Abwehrmechanismus).
This term is certainly based on Freudian concepts and was probably originated by Freud, but as a non-psychologist I can't identify the source text easily.
Good hunting (viel Glueck)!
Mr. Wilder
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Thank you! The s in Reaktionsbildungs helps already. Now I'm starting to find information.
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In the 'The Language of Psychoanalysis' by J. Laplanche and J.-B. Pontalis, it is cited as being introduced in Freud's 'Three Essays on Sexuality' (1905).
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