Looking for software for slideshow with interspersed announcements
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We have put up a large screen in a public area of our business. We would like to be able to have it rotating through some images, and also put other announcements about workshops, seminars that appear every X minutes. Is there a cheap/free software that will run a slideshow and then every 20th slide put up a text slide. We would rather not have to create a new slideshow everytime the announcements change - just put those in a text file or similar.
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Do you have powerpoint? Or the open office equivalent? Because then you could just change the text on the slide that has text and save it as the same slideshow.
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This and a web browser running full screen. Everything is confugured from 1 xml file.
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I think Irfanview does this, but I'm not sure of it's comersial usage. I know it does slide shows, and can show text files.
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I don't think I would categorize this as cheap/free but PresentationPoint sells software that does just this. You take a datasource external to PowerPoint and integrate it directly into it. [PresentationPoint]

Depending on how much you have to work with this might work for you.

The XML/SWF looks pretty nice - I might try that out as this is the first I've heard of that. Thanks!
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