Low-income housing agencies in SF?
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Low-income housing agencies in San Francisco?

I am assisting a low-income young adult (nearly 19 years old) who needs housing in San Francisco. (He has disabilities and his support system is in SF -- he knows it's cheaper elsewhere but for right now it's not practical to move him out of the City). He has SSI benefits ($649.34, yikes! so low), and will work part-time. I will supplement as I am able maybe $150 a month. We know about Craig's List and shared housing. We have about 10 months until his current situation will change for him to be on a waiting list.

So far on my list I have: the Mayor's Office on Housing, Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corp., and the Tenderloin Housing Clinic. What am I missing?
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I don't know San Francisco at all, but I do see that it has an operational 2-1-1 service. I would recommend giving them a shout - if you are outside the San Francisco area, they have a 1-800 number (1-800-273-6222); and a quick look at their online database gave me this list.
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I have a friend who works at the Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency. They've put together a "list of steps to follow when trying to help low-income families find affordable housing." Also, this site looks like it might be the equivalent for San Francisco.
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Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation (application info)
Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center (the Housing Director there is a friend of mine, let me know if you want more info).
Bridge Housing
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