Where can I find pixelated clothes?
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What pixelated clothing can I obtain that would complement my new pixelated ThinkGeek "8-bit" Necktie?

I'm thinking about using the tie as part of a Halloween costume. But I need more. A t-shirt with pixel designs is OK, but even better would be something where the pixelation is part of the design, like with the necktie. Ideally the store selling the clothes would be online and ship quickly to the USA. Pixel shirts? Pixel pants? Pixel hats? Anything?
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Space Invader Trainers - they print an invader and 01 POINT every step you take.
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I don't have an answer for you but I will say that a friend of mine owns a pixelated tie that is not the one you link to. It's MUCH better looking, is silk, is not a clip-on, and is multi-colored. Think Geek is absolutely wrong that the non-clip on won't maintain the pixelated look.
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Got a link, dobbs? I'd like to check out a non-clip on pixelated tie.
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I've been selling pixel shirts for about seven years now, really wish there were more items like that tie.

If someone reading this can do small-run knitting/sewing/building projects, I'd love to talk to you about making hats and the like.
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I'll see if I can find out today. I'll see him this afternoon.
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Just remembered these retro gaming scarves, although I don't know if they'd really go with the tie very well.

Also: Pac-man Hat. For when your 8-bit tie, trainers and scarf combo just isn't dorky enough.
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I have a bad apple shirt from threadless with pixelated middle fingers
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Make your own at Pixeltees (site is temporarily unavailable)
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Not sure if it would fit with any particular look but the current USMC camouflage pattern is pixelated.
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The tie I was thinking of is here. However, it's not truly a "pixelated" tie but that's how it looked to me when my friend was wearing it.
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