Multiple Gaming Platforms, need one plug...
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I have a Xbox, Xbox 360, Wii and a Playstation 3. I want one plug for all four.

I am looking for a unit/container that will house all of my gaming machines and have one universal plug that goes from the container into the TV. Anyone seen something along these lines? Google wasn't much help as I am not sure what this thing would be called.
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At this point, you probably just want to get an AV reciever that can turn component to HDMI. Then you can just run a single HDMI cable to your TV.
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They are sometimes called AV receivers, but the cheaper ones tend to be called AV switches.
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What tracert said. Make sure it has HDMI in (preferably two for future-proofing against the next console), 2 component ins for your Wii and XBOX360, and a composite or 3rd component in for the XBOX. If you use your TV's sound, make sure the receive also passes sound through HDMI- the cheaper ones only pass video. You can always hook up the sound with RCAs, but might as well use as few wires as possible. And buy it online- helluva cheaper than Best Buy or Circuit City.
Or at least, that's what I'd do, though it's not the cheapest route.

Back in the day, I did this with older systems, though it was all composite switching which you probably want to avoid considering your devices. Basically, I could plug in 2-8 composite devices and had a switch for which device I wanted to use. It could be picked up at any gaming store or Radio Shack for $15-30, though I'm not so sure anymore.
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Response by poster: Do you guys have any recommended links? I searched on A/V Receivers and A/V Switches and got a mega-slew of choices. If you know of one that would work right out of the box for my config that would be great.
posted by bkeene12 at 12:36 PM on October 8, 2007 is a good shopping site, but their prices are usually close to retail.
I'd say look on there for a receiver you like that has HDMI and Component switching (you won't get upconversion at a $300 price point, but as long as you have component and HDMI, you'd just have to switch between the two), then use google product search to get a little bit better deal on the product you decide on.
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Also, you're missing out if you don't game in surround sound, especially on the 360 and PS3. Whatever receiver you choose will also switch the Optical output (but for PS3 True DolbyHD, you need a receiver that is HDMI 1.3 compliant so it can strip the audio off and play that to the speakers, passing the video to the display).
Receivers have built in amps so all you have to do is purchase 5 or 6 speakers and a powered subwoofer (I like my Rocket ULW10 from
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Best answer: I bought the Joytech 240C from BestBuy - it's silver w/ LCD screen, has 7:1 (too many consoles!)

Second item on this page:
Review post here:

Works really well for us, used to use a cheap plastic pelican one, but am much much happier with this one.
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Actually, I'm not really sure what model we picked up - looking on the JoyTech site, there are several.
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