Help in New York, Part 2
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part 2: more help in new york needed.

hiya chaps , I have this 'friend' of mine who's visiting new york from scotland and the place he's staying in (nyu) have told him he has 3 days before he has to find alternative accomodation in nyc , I wonder if any of you kind , generous and charitable folks at metafilter would be able to offer him some sort of help ? in return he tells me he will even go so far as to empty the contents of his dusty cobwebbed sporran and you can have a flat in the centre of edinburgh for a few weeks in return.
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How long does your 'friend' need a room for?
posted by milovoo at 12:01 PM on May 18, 2004

Kinda crazy, but I was just looking at a very short term sublet in NYC. Turns out I don't need one -- but I just met Mike at 347-661-3499. 1 Bedroom. Inexpensive (as far as NYC is concerned).

Here's the craigslist ad.
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i have someone staying at my place as of friday, so i'm out (unless you take the tub), but i'll call you when i get out of work...if anyone else wants to come, i'm taking sgt. to dinner tonight. : >
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it's really hard here, sgt...our spaces are not big, at all.
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I hear Central Park is warm & safe this time of year ;-)

First time I was in NYC I stayed at a massive hostel in Midtown (had an Andy Warhol theme IIRC) for $22/night. Altho' that was 7 years ago...

New Yorkers...take up the offer & go to Edinburgh for the festival...rents there are Tokyo-sized that time of year! You'll be making money!
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There's a hostel on 20th bet. 7th and 8th that's supposed to be ok--full of europeans.
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ok...make that dinner tom'w night : >
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I can probably help you out for a couple of nights; we have some spare rooms here. Email me if you want.
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Jazz on the Park is nice enough and hopefully cheap enough. If you are in a real pickle, email me (it won't be nice).
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Response by poster: thanks for your help chaps , i appreciate it greatly , i have taken up residence on one of central parks most sought after benches so dont worry about me too much .
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Response by poster: oh , the update on this is that i'm staying at the chelsea hostel , its jolly nice.
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