security camera recording method
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security camera recording method - computer or external device?

Hi folks, i live in a bit of a shady neighborhood, not terrible, but not great. Let's just say that opportunists abound, and i have created an opportunity by not having a locking mailbox (which i have just installed). So, my mail has been getting stolen for a few days. I know this because i run an eBay business part time and had some money orders go missing, but were confirmed delivered via tracking number.

So, just for shits and giggles i bought a couple of cheapy wireless security cameras w/audio + IR, and now I have to figure out how i want to record after they go up around the house.

I can go with a security vcr or external, independent dvr, or get one of those cards that go in my computer. I have a 1.7 ghz computer, with a 160 gig hard drive.

I'd love to take advantage of all the bells and whistles that can come with on board computer recording and associated software, but i'm concerned that this will really be a drag on memory and computing power when i'm trying to use the computer for otehr things, like listing ebay, surfing the net, etc.

So i wonder what the best choice is, external, independent unit or something for my computer? Also, how much memory will this hog, say, to record for 24 hours at a decent quality?

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Well, computer solutions provide some incredible flexibility and ability you'll never get from a "commercial" unit. Here's a very high end solution.
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FYI, here's a link to a time lapse I made a while back with this same setup:
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Sorry to triple up, but I thought I'd also note I was running this on a PIII with 256MB of RAM and about 80GB HDD. I was not running X windows, just console.
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