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I like to plug in my guitar to my computer and play, but i just bought a new HP machine with Vista and it won't work. Anyone encounter this problem with not being able to plug in devices and play back through the microphone jack?
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A line level signal (guitar) is different from a microphone signal. You would be much better off with a USB interface designed for guitar, such as something on this page.
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Does your computer have a different input you can use? There is often a mic in and a line in. Neither is really ideal for your guitar, unless you have some kind of pre-amp and then you usually want line-in.

Are you using some kind of software to listen to it? On my computer and many others I've had, you don't hear anything from the line-in unless you use a program that "listens" to it, like Guitar Rig, or Cubase or something.
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I'm running it in through a Boss Micro BR. It worked on my XP Toshiba. The new box has i mic built in with a camera. I've seperated the mics in the sound applet but that dosen't do it.
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What scenario are you using it in (i.e., what program are you using?) I believe XP just passes the microphone input through to the speakers, whereas for Vista, an applications has to actually be using it. By googling "Vista microphone passthrough", I found several blog posts about this. Here's a comment on some guy's blog that vaguely describes how to fix it. I'm not on my Vista PC right now, so I can't verify, but maybe it'll help.

If that's not it, have you made sure you have the up-to-date drivers? I was having trouble with my microphone sounding really fuzzy in Vista until I upgraded to newer drivers, which fixed it.
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