stupid ugly vertical blinds
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window blinds - ive got some strangely sized windows at my new place. its a rental, and it came with some ugly ass vertical blinds which i hate. before i head down to home depot/ikea and get disappointed by standard sized blinds, is there a way to have them cut to size?

id like to buy some of those wooden/bamboo roller type blinds, but im open to spending more money and mixing it up just to get it done.
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Home Depot has a variety of blinds that can be cut to measure, but not a lot of the fancy ones.
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that's what i wanted to hear! thanks.
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Measure carefully, and have them cut exactly. I have two windows of the (nominally) same size, but one ends up 1/6" narrower, because the molding was different or some such. The exact fit really makes them look better when closed, and keeps out light better.
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Uh, 1/16".
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thank you! things like this make me wish i owned my house so i could just rip shit out.
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Most non-corporate landlords (and some corporate) will let you take shit like that out if you offer to replace it with something similar. It's as simple as asking.
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Most ready-made blinds can be cut down in width to a certain degree, but you need to be very careful, because the material (if timber) usually splinters quite easily. If you aren't confident yourself, ask the retailer if they know someone who can do it for you, or contact a handyman service. It's not that hard.
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I sprung for curtains (They look nicer) and deducted it from my rent. However my landlord (can we get a better word yet?) is exceptional from what I understand.
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landlord / property owner, or just owner
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