Where has all the freeware gone? Mobile freeware to be exact.
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Just got a shiny new Moto Q. Help me find free software!

I've got it all set up and running well, gmail is working after I figured out the hack, oggsync is keeping my calendar up to date. What I need now are some softwares...specifically:
1. An all in one IM program, or at least w/ AIM/GChat/MSN/Yahoo
2. A checkbook register-style finance program.
3. Anything else that looks fun or promising.

I just don't want to PAY for these things, because I just KNOW they exist in a free-form somewhere. Bequeath unto me your wisdom of the smartphone softwares, MeFi!
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Response by poster: Yea, seen those all but the software forum. Most are really pretty much crap, and none of them have what I'm looking for. Nice try though, I really did google this one.
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The mobile software community is crap. Get used to it. Most especially for smart-phones. I did not link you to the software that you requested, but your answers are there.

For instance:

"1. An all in one IM program, or at least w/ AIM/GChat/MSN/Yahoo"

Taking a closer look at the everythingq.com link I reference above, we find this thread, lets-talk-about-instant-messaging-programs. If you look through it, you will find that just about every IM program out there for the Q is crap. This is true. Its not just the Q. They are crap on PPCs too. Most 3rd party phone programs are crap. The Smartphone-Freeware site that I links to looks like shit, but it caches EVERY program out there that you are going to be able to get your hands on without paying for it.


Wish you luck.
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Yeah, unfortunately the Q is VERY limited in its software options, due to using the rather unpopular Smartphone version of WM5. Even commercial software offerings are few and far between.

As far as freeware stuff, I have google maps, and yahoo has some sort of mobile program for the Q. Honestly, that's about it. If it's not on qusers, it's really not out there.
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Response by poster: Doh, dredging this up from the depths...but my Q shipped with WM6?
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Check the "Windows Mobile Instant Messaging Bible" by Menneisyys.
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