Looking for a sanskrit image of the word 'dukkha' (suffering)
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Hey, I'm trying to find a decently-sized image of the word 'dukkha', written in sanskrit. On the Wiki entry (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dukkha) you see a very small icon of it, but I can't enlarge it in a satisfying way (it needs to be replicated by an artist friend of mine) Thanks muchly.
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CTRL + in Firefox to make it larger

Print Screen to create your image.

Hope that helps.
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Sorry I didn't link that.

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larger one here.
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Best answer: Here you go
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Also, sanskrit font files - I assume these can be used in a vector program like Adobe Illustrator, so your friend can scale as needed.
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That's not quite right. It's spelled "duhka", not "dukkha". (the h is a visarga). Here's what it should look like:

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Best answer: Oops, sorry, here it is:

correct duhka image
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Oh, I see where you got this. The Wikipedia entry itself actually seems to be misspelled. I just left a note in the Wikipedia discussion section about this.
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Do not tattoo this on your body.
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Well this turned into a research project... "duhka" is Sanskrit. "dukkha" is Pali. Duh. So if this is in a Buddhist context, you probably want "dukkha".
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Response by poster: Haha, don't worry Crazyhorse, I'm not tattooing this on myself. It's for a film. Thanks everyone for the quick help, you're the best!
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Ah, didn't realize the difference between dukkha/dukha. (I thought it was akin to color/colour.)

In that case, Pali fonts.
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"duhka" is Sanskrit. "dukkha" is Pali.

Not that simple. From the Wikipedia entry:

according to grammatical tradition from Sanskrit dus-kha "uneasy", but according to Monier-Williams more likely a Prakritized form of dus-stha "unsteady, disquieted"

Note for the confused: Sanskrit s shows up as h in final positions or before certain consonants (like k).
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