How to get from the airport to Newport?
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What's the best way to get from Providence Theodore Francis Airport to Newport, RI on a Sunday? Taking the bus seems to require 3-4 transfers and take several hours. I also read there is a ferry, but it's quite expensive and slow. Seems a bit too far for a taxi... Any Rhode Island natives here that can pitch in?
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The RIPTA bus is truly your best bet. You can get there with only one transfer. Take the bus from the airport to dowtown Providence, Kennedy Center. Then, take the 14 Westbay Outbound from Kennedy center (from station Q, I think). That takes you right into Newport. Use RIPTA's Trip Planner
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If there isn't a direct bus from TF Green to Kennedy Plaza on Sunday, take a shuttle or taxi for that part of the trip.
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I am pretty sure there is always a bus from TF Green to downtown. Usually it is the one that continues to Boston.
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Best answer: There's a shuttle that goes from the airport to Newport. This is it. Follow the signs to ground transportation. It's pretty clearly marked.
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Response by poster: I took the cozycab as Marit recommended. $20 each way directly from the airport to the hotel. Thanks!
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