How do I get my avi files to play ?
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Why won't QuickTime play some avi files ? I get a message that an extension is missing but it doesn't say specifically what. HELP !

I recently downloaded some episodes of a favourite TV show and about half of the files don't play correctly. The video is fine but there is no audio.

Quicktime displays message stating that I am missing an extension and directs me to the Quicktime homepage with 3rd party plug-in links but I don't know what I should be downloading ?
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Best answer: Install perian.

I hope these are legally obtained tv shows...
posted by sharkfu at 12:10 PM on October 6, 2007

Response by poster: IT WORKED ! Thanks sharkfu !
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You should download VLC player, miro and mplayer as well- they do quite a bit of things that QuickTime struggles with.
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