How do I keep a second external drive mirrored.
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Mirroring external drives on a mac...

I have a mac mini which I use as a media center. For all my music, photos etc I have a large external drive connected. I now have a second external drive, which I would like to use to make a backup of the first.

Rather than drag and drop and let the whole lot slowly copy, what software can I use so that every week or so I can plug the second drive in, click a button or two and have it update the second drive so that it mirrors the first without doing a full copy.

Freeware would be good, but I don't mind paying for good software. Thanks!
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Carbon Copy Cloner
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without doing a full copy

Ah, you'll want to look at something like Chronosync or SuperDuper! for incremental backups.
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My drive came with Retrospect Express.
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That looks perfect! Thanks BP!
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Wait for OS X Leopard. Your solution is integrated into the new OS, robustly. Due Oct. 26 (but don't wait that long to do a manual full backup or use CCC).
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rsnapshot is pretty nice. It uses rsync to create snapshots of your drive at various points in time.
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jwz recently ranted on this.
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Just as a followup, I registered SuperDuper! and it's perfect for what I'm doing. Since I'm not backing up my system files, just the contents of an external, it means I can hook up the second external, click a button, and in a pretty short time the drives are identical in content, rather than the pain of copying ALL the data every time I do a backup.
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