custom printed folding cardboard sixpack holders?
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Where can I find custom-printed cardboard six-pack holders either online or in the Boston, MA area?

A friend of mine does a lot of home brewing and is looking to get some specially printed cardboard six-pack holders, but we've been unable to find anyplace that will print them. She is looking for a run of about a gross or two.

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I don't have a real answer, but I'd call regional craft breweries like Berkshire and see who does their work.
posted by paxton at 9:16 AM on October 5, 2007

Can't vouch for them, but a Google search turned up these people.

site seems kind of amateurish, but they print the boxes for beers I have heard of.
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If you can get blanks, any screen printer can print them if all he wants is a couple of spot colors.
posted by bradbane at 11:51 AM on October 5, 2007

Try calling these guys. They might be able to point you to a source.
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i'll hand these answers off and see if any of them pan out.

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