What to do in Providence this weekend?
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I'm going to be in Providence, RI this weekend, what should I do/see/eat?

I'm already planning to see WaterFire, RISD and Brown. I'll be getting in on Saturday and leaving on Monday. Small galleries and malls are not my thing, but interesting landmarks, architecture and museums are. Any suggestions for things I definitely should not miss? Also, I don't drive, so things within walking distance of downtown are preferred.
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Improv Jones - 5$ improv comedy.

Also, it looks like there's a waterfire, you should go walk around downtown.

Maybe go to federal hill and eat some delicious italian food.
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Take a walk around the east side, check out AS220, grab a weird sammich at Geoff's visit the RISD museum, drink a 40 in Prospect Park, grab a coffee at Café Zog or Coffee Exchange on Wickenden, or a brew at the Wickenden Pub (on and off a bar since 1890), take advantage of the pretty-good public transportation and (hell, you're a tourist) swing down to Newport to see the mansions and the cliff walk.
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RIPTA also operates a cheap ferry service to Newport -- it's a good ride, if the weather's nice , and it's only open for another week or so.
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If I had some time to kill, the HP Lovecraft grave and 'tour' looks interesting.
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If you're in Federal Hill, go to Caserta Pizzeria on Spruce Street and get a Wimpy Skippy.
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You should check out the weird foods they have there. A couple of friends and I did this shortly after this article came out and had a great time. AS220 is cool also.
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Total self-link: You might get some inspiration by visiting the Weird RI livejournal community.

Food - clamcakes, coffee flavored everything, grinders... but also check out Spikes on Thayer St. if you're into hot dogs.
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Nicks on Broadway for breakfast! It is parallel to federal hill at 500 Broadway.
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Get a Del's frozen lemonade. Buy some coffee syrup to make your own coffee milk. Get some of Buddy's marinara sauce if you can find it.. Drive or walk down Blackstone Boulevard.. there's a neat ice cream parlor at the far end (go in the other direction from Wickenden St/Fox Point).

there is a great noise rock scene in providence -
also Armageddon Shop for that kind of music

AS220 is neat, and also downtown the Black Rep theater has an awesome swanky cafe, nice place to hang out.

The Cable Car for art cinema, also near downtown at the bottom of College Hill.
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Watch Caught in Providence (everyone is "guilty with an explanation" and the explanations are hilarious)

Go duck pin bowling..

Buy crap at Building 19 and the Ocean State Job Lot

Wicked awesome!
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If its still there (I believe it is), eat at Haven Brothers Diner. Other ideas...
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I second the Nicks on Broadway rec. It's one of the best in town. If you're looking for something closer to downtown you can try the dinner at New Rivers which is fantastic.

The RISD has nice shows every now and then.

Coffee Exchange on Wickenden for some coffee or spicy chai.
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Thirding Nick's, although it's tiny and popular, so try to go during an off-peak time. Also, make sure you check out Cuban Revolution - delicious.
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My wife and I always stop in at Trinity Brewhouse when we're in the area.
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Geoff's isn't that great anymore; go to Spike's. Damn good hot dogs.
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If you're going to be on Thayer St (where you would find Geoff's and Spike's) anyway, you might want to try East Side Pockets - best falafel anywhere.

I would also recommend breakfast at the Brickway Cafe on Wickenden St.
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