Xbox 360 + 64Mb memory card + BioShock + crash = _RAGE_. Any way back?
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Xbox 360 + 64Mb memory card + BioShock + crash = _RAGE_. Any way back?

I have an Xbox 360 but no hard drive, just a 64Mb memory card. BioShock saved games fill it up pretty quickly, so each time I just saved in the same slot. Meaning that the autosave never worked, but that was fine - I just saved manually every time I started a new level. I was having just a grand old time.

Then, in a rather unexpected turn of events, the machine crashed, and took my saved game with it. The previous save is, I would estimate, 10 hours or more behind where I last was. I found the Microsoft KB article which informs me in corporate speak that I am shit outta' luck. I don't want to spoil the game for anyone who's playing it, so exactly where I was is explained here.

There is no sign of the saved game anywhere on the memory stick (well, I assume that quantum-mechanically there is, but not a hint through the 360), I can't find any 'skip levels' cheats online, and the hard drive is in the post as of this evening. Is there any way I could obtain a saved game from some mysterious source, transfer that to my 360, and play on from there? (I can't find anything on that on the nets). Is there _any_ way to get back to where I was? Or do I just need to accept that everything is easier the second time around?

Thanks hive-mind.
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I don't know, but I have tons of saves at various points on my drive, so if someone more savvy than me can tell me how, I'll be happy to send you one. I finished the game a few nights ago -- saving, not harvesting, if that matters. The problem is that my saves have my choices in them, not yours, so you might not like my plasmid build.
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Response by poster: Hmmmm. That's an excellent point I hadn't thought of. Oh well... One more time from the top with feeling.
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P.S. you were nowhere near the end of the game :)
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Yeah, it should theoretically be possible to swap game saves from other sources, people trade them all the time. this is a torrent of supposedly 100 different saves. I'm not sure how you'd load them, you'd probably need an adapter for your save card.
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Response by poster: Thanks puddpunk... I was going to ask, but decided not to :-) Cheers for the links delmoi.
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