Online Text Formatting/Cleaning?
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Online text cleaning site?

I came across a web site that offered free text cleaning, like stripping ">" marks from e-mails and the like. I've googled and googled but can't trace my way back to the page. Is anyone familiar with this site?

I know there are programs like Text Cleaner, but this was online and free.
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Is it Stripmail? It seems to do what you're looking for, if it's not. It looks like a program though, not online, but it is free.
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No, it's not a stand-alone program. This was a web site to which you uploaded your files and they were returned with the formatting fixed; a Web 2.0 project.
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If you are on Windows, pasting a text in your Notepad strips it of all codes.
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Is it possibly this?
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Thanks. Close, but no, the site I saw was a little more "formal", rather than uploading snippets of text you uploaded entire files, a la
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