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Caption my colleague, please.

A coworker of mine and I have had a prank war going on for the last few months. On her last day, she papered my desk with photos of herself with the caption, "Miss me yet?" She believes she struck the final blow, but her going away party is tomorrow night and I intend to have this picture duplicated and pasted to popsicle sticks for all attendees to hold mask-style. The beauty of this particular photo is that she has her mouth open in drunken revelry, ripe for speech balloons.

So, I need some quotes to attribute to her. Things like, "I have a wide variety of STDs" and "I will do anything for a free drink." Fear no raunch; her sense of humor knows no bounds.
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So, just to be clear- this going-away party with have employer -types? While her sense of humor knows no bounds, can you say the same for all others in attendance?

I hate to be a killjoy, but this sounds like a monumentally dangerous idea since I assume YOU intend to remain employed.
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Do you have a jpeg you could show us?
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Why not let the attendees write their own captions? Provide a bunch of Sharpies and the aforementioned photos-on-sticks.
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"Look for me on craigslist - casual encounters"
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I like cabingirl's idea....good fun, and then you avoid JMOZ's concern pretty well. Maybe you could print a few pre-made caption stickers for the really creatively impaired types, too.
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Despite what you say, I think calling her a whore isn't so funny for an office going away party. I'm a funny/raunchy chick, but I wouldn't appreciate people with pics of me saying "LOL I like cock!"

Does she have any catchphrases? Anything she says often particular to her job? I think it would be really funny to have lots of people with balloons that say things like that, and then have one person with a Kierkegaarde quote or something.
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"Guess how I got my new job?"
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"Terminal Verbosity and I should just screw already!"
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"So^uch  long suckers!"
"Who do you have to blow to get severance around here?"
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Wow. Seconding "invisible pacifier."
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there is a HUGE difference between pranking each other in private or a close circle and in front of coworkers, superiors, hr and other people you never know YOU might end up meeting again. caution!
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Abortions are cheaper in MEXICO, adios!
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So is gender re-assignment surgery, vaya con dios!
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me & my former coworker are old college chums and worked very closely together. we had a very raunchy prank war for a few years, that escalated over time and was spectated with delight by our closer officemates. (i squirted chocolate syrup all over the bum of the toy elephant on his desk, we'd steal each other's day planners and write filthy comments in them, there were lots of doctored photos, he stole my computer for *two days* and returned it with embarassing photos as the screensaver, etc.) i have a very high tolerance for the raunchy; i found it hilarious, and it made us closer.

BUT. if he had put dirty captions on pics of me at my goodbye party, i would have been very angry and *very* hurt. in front of my manager, and the corporate executives, and people from other departments who didn't know me well? and that's the last memory of me they have? i would have been SO upset. ugh, i feel kind of sick even imagining it.
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Use subtlety and the unspoken to your advantage. Popsicle-stick masks of the victim are enough.
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Allow me to use a phrase that's never been written on the green before: "Perhaps I should have been more clear..."

First, I didn't mean to imply that I was looking solely for raunchy catchphrases, just that they were allowed. Second, this party is a quiet affair at a local bar. No execs; grunts only.

Those that will be there all have titanium constitutions...we try to offend each other and fail every time. This particular colleague who is leaving, it should be known, swears like a merchant marine and tells stories that would make George Carlin blush. So, I understand and appreciate your concern, but it's not warranted.

So I'm reading the worried, "You can't do that!" comments and I think to myself, "Man, they don't know her at all!" Which lead me to think, "Man, they don't know her at all." So I took cabingirl's suggestion and the results have been great.

And raunchy.
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photos, please!
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