Good Bread in NH?
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Where can I buy Milton's Bread in the Seacoast area of New Hampshire?

I love Milton's 100% Whole Wheat Bread, but getting it requires a 45 minute drive to Trader Joes in Peabody. I'd rather not have to drive so far just for a couple of loaves of bread. Is there anywhere nearer Portsmouth, NH, that sells it?

Barring that, can anyone recommend another brand that's similar to Miltons and is sold more widely in New England?
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Their website shows that the only place is indeed Trader Joes. I am wondering however, if you saw that you can order online. On review, it looks like 100% Whole Wheat is not available from the site.

Have you tried contacting them to find out if there is anywhere closer?
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Miltons, like many breads, is made by a much larger bakery company for Trader Joe's. There is likely some clue on the Milton's packaging where you live as to who bakes it in your area. Contact that large bakery and find out if there is an analogous bread that goes by a different name sold to other stores.
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Costco carries it here in the Bay Area. I see there's one in Nashua, you might call them to check on their stock.
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not familiar with the brand specifically, but you might try someplace like Rising Tide up in Kittery (on Rt 1 just south of the Kittery traffic circle) or try Portsmouth Health Food Store. Though, unfortunately according to Milton's website, trader joe's is the only option. can't get it to do the linky thing
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I just saw this post (it's ages old but I was searching some local info!)

I don't know Milton's, so I can't compare it, but I like the bread from When Pigs Fly. I buy the Whole Wheat and low-carb whole wheat, but also like the six-grain and pumpkinseed. A lot of local markets carry this bread (Market Basket, Golden Harvest).

Me & Ollie's is pretty good, too. They have outlets in downtown Portsmouth and on Lafeyette road, in Philbrick's.
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