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Sandisk Sansa E200, is it the best priced alternative to the older Ipod Nanos? see link here

I am transitioning from the suburbanite to the full yuppie lifestyle. And of course, taking public transportation, I will need a cool MP3 playa'

Everyone in NYC has their vesion of the Ipod, but to me they seem overpriced. I saw the Sandisk Sansa E200 (2GB or 4GB) got good reviews, and it is expandable via micro or mini SD cards. I want something that uses flash memory vs hard drive, because I might be jogging with it, and also something that will last me at least two years, hence the expandability. Also the battery is replaceable.
And I want it to play videos too.

So, should I go for the Sandisk? Is it really better than the older nanos? Are there any other players that fit the above criteria and are cheaper than Ipods, yet stylish like the Sansa?
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I think you're on the right track here. I have a 2nd gen. nano. My mom (yes, my 50-something mother) has a Sansa e200. I like hers better than my nano and I regret spending the $ on mine.
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I adore my Samsung T9.

It does videos, mp3s, radio, pictures, recordings, flash memory, and has an incredible battery life. Lasts 20+ hours used over several days (or in one day). It's very small, and great for working out with - I carry mine in my jersey pocket when I bike (also, it has a "street mode" which gives you more volume for that sort of thing).

Here's the Cnet review. I don't really have any issues with the processor speed like they complain about. The proprietary port is a minor annoyance, but other than that, I love it!
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I got a Meizu M6 which works pretty well. It's about the same price on newegg. The reviews I read on the net about the sandisk e200 series was that the headphone connector seemed to be flaky, and would eventually stop functioning.

I would choose something other than an apple product, unless you really need itunes.
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A resource for you: the Anything But Ipod forums.
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Another vote for Sansa players... However, expect to also purchase a pair of earphones. I've found the earphones uncomfortable and they short out quickly (this may be my own personal version of wear and tear though).
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My wife and I love our e200s. They are wonderful. I especially love that they have an FM Tuner. Sandisk is always really good on price.

If I were getting one today, I would check out the View. Apparently they are a quite a bit thinner.
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I have a Sansa E260, and I really like it. I'm definitely happy with the purchase. The main features I got it for was the expandability and I prefer to have more file-system level control over my content, whereas iPods tend to lock you into iTunes and have screwy filesystems. MicroSD cards are pretty cheap, too, for expansion. The only drawback with the expansion slot is only music can go on it - video and pics must go on the internal storage. In addition, you have a built in mic for voice recording, and an FM tuner. You can even record the FM, which came in handy when a favorite artist of mine was playing live on the radio - I was able to record, and subsequently edit the MP3 to get the live songs (although audio quality wasn't great due to it being FM).

My wife has had a first and second gen Nano, and the screen on the Sansa is bigger, and I like the more tactile feedback of the Sansa's mechanical spinner compared to the one on iPods. I also really like the blue led backlighting. The Sansa is about twice as thick as the Nano, and heavier. But I think the Sansa is pretty light, anyway. One other difference you'll notice when you have them side by side is the Nano's are instant-on since they really work more in a stand-by mode and consume battery power even when "off." The Sansa actually shuts off, so it takes about 10 seconds for it to "boot up."

If you're really wanting to watch video on it, then I'd say the Sansa isn't the way to go - but that's my personal preference because I don't like the small screen for video. Personally I'd want something at least the size of the iPod Touch for video. But getting something with a big screen for video would probably take you out of your implied price range.

I do agree with wg that the earbuds that came with the Sansa are horrible. Why does Sandisk feel the need to torture my ears with their screwy shape? On the other hand, I dislike earbuds and always use circumaural headphones (nice big Greg Brady Cans). If you prefer earbuds, then I actually did like the Philips SHE9500's for their price (around $20). They sound great for the price and come with different sized foam ear-inserts for getting the right fit.

[On Preview] - The SanDisk View does look like a pretty cool item. But it's about twice as much as what you can find new Sansa's for these days...
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my 50-something mom loves her sansa. my brother, my partner and i all seem pretty happy with the e200s as well. i thought i would miss my old ipod photo when i ditched it for the sansa, but i haven't really noticed anything lacking. the thing i found myself liking the most is the built in radio and the mic, so i can record stupid coversations on BART.
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I have the Sansa e280R player, which I love 'cause I can fill it with music from Rhapsody. I also like the fact that it has an FM radio.
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I have an e101 and I love it! Taking rechargeable AAA batteries and SD cards are two really fantastic, really obvious features that the ipod just will never have. Plus it was $59! I have had mine for two years and am still very happy.
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Seconding donovan, I sold my e280 and bought an e280r, because the r works much better with Rhapsody.
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I Wooted a Sansa E270 a couple of weeks ago, and I'm absolutely loving the thing.

Make sure you put RockBox on there, because it adds all kinds of functionality that iPoods (sic) and Sansas don't have out of the box.

LIKE A GAMEBOY EMU! Sorry, I just like this thing a lot.
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My wife loves her Sansa- get one for sure.
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i just got an e270 as a gift for someone. they're having lots of trouble using it with a Macbook. rarely will show up as a disk volume when connected through the USB cable. have tried a few things thus far, in addition to scouring the internet(s).

you don't mention what OS you're using, but beware if you're on a Mac.
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Garly, I use my Sansa with my Mac and it's fine -- maybe your USB cable is busted. I'd exchange it for a new one if I was you.
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