Who painted these iconic Mexican paintings?
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Who are the painters and what are the titles of the paintings featured in the backgrounds of the following 1940s fashion magazines:

1. this painting, from a 1943 Harper's Bazaar

2. this painting, from a 1941 Mademoiselle magazine

This is really bugging me! I feel like I have seen the first image many times, but can't recall the painter. I keep wanting to say it is Orozco, but can't find anything to back this hunch up. The second painting looks like it might be of Sor Juana, but the face doesn't look right!
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The first one's Diego Rivera, I think.
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First photo is by Doris Rosenthal, a North American painter who received funding to go paint in Mexico in the 1930s. I haven't figured out the name of the painting yet though!
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There's a Rosenthal lithograph titled "Girl in White" that is essentially a mirror image of the first one here.
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