Dell RAM upgrade rumors
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When shopping around at Best Buy and Circuit City, I've been told that for Dell desktops (Dimension 4500 to be exact), generic RAM will not work and must be bought directly from Dell. Does anyone else out here have prior experience in upgrading their Dell's RAM and can support/debunk this?
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It's not true, you can use any brandname DDR PC2100 RAM in it, like Crucial.
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hmm...i bought generic ram for a dell dimension 410, installed it, and it works fine.

Dell might have changed the other versions though, trying to lock-in users.
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I bought RDRAM from googlegear for my Dell 8250 and have had no problems with it.
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just make sure to look up the exact specs of the ram and be sure to get the same kind. the people who work at best buy/circuit city don't know what they are talking about.
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I'll fifth the fact that I also used generic RAM, and had no trouble. I think replacing the RAM with another brand than Dell might cancel the warranty, but it will definitely function in the computer.
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Do not trust the sales reps at stores like Best Buy and Circuit City. In general, they have very little knowledge about what they're selling, and they'll make stuff up if you ask a question they can't answer. I'm not kidding: they will literally invent facts rather than admit ignorance.
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Like Zosia Blue said, I'm pretty confident third-party RAM voids the warranty on Dells and Gateways.
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Response by poster: Sweet. Thank you all for the help!
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Just to let you know, by adding 3rd-party RAM into your 4500, you're not voiding the entire warranty; Dell just won't cover that particular DIMM. If you need tech support, just take out the RAM before you call tech.
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I bought 512MB of RAM from Crucial and put it in my Dimension 2350. Works like a champ.
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"I'm not kidding: they will literally invent facts rather than admit ignorance."

I can second that and add that they will go so far as to make up words. In one Best Buy, the sales rep, who insisted on helping me, just invented words and their definitions on the fly.

When questioned about the phony words, he looked at me. Silence for a minute or two. He started to fidget. He blinked. Looked around for a second. Then segued right into, "So, if you buy this model, make sure to get our credit card offer, with 10% off your purchase. That will almost cover the extended warranty that you'll also want to pick up."
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