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Where to buy a laptop battery?

What's the best place to get a laptop battery for an old Dell Inspiron 3800? I picked one up for $20 at a garage sale, but it won't hold a charge. It works fine when it's plugged into the dock. I was looking online for a battery, but most seem not quite legit. So what's a safe, prompt, cheap, etc., site to buy a battery online? Bonus points if they take PayPal.
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I recently picked up a new battery and charger for my ancient Thinkpad (parts for it are no longer made or sold by IBM/Lenovo) from the Korean Ebay-owned auction site, I don't know anything about Ebay itself in other countries, but everything worked out fine for me.
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Seconding Ebay. I just bought a new power cord for my laptop there and it worked out just fine. Just use a legit seller. Most will guarantee the battery holds a charge and isn't DOA.
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Check out Froogle. Those results include some eBay and a lot of other sites.
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Concerned about legit, safe, prompt? You can still get a replacement battery from Dell themselves. Yep, you can use Paypal at too.
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Laptop batteries are a consumable, and will stop holding a charge. So they get replaced often, so there are lots of vendors for laptop batteries.

Plus, old laptop batteries are full of heavy metals, so make sure you recycle the old ones.
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I don't know how cheap you're expecting, but Newegg sells them and they're a great site.
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Thanks for this thread -- had not looked on ebay for this before. Ordered one at a great price from a seller in Hong Kong who has a strong feedback profile.
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For what it's worth, I've purchased from No problems at all.
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I remember seeing a sign at a Batteries Plus store that said if they didn't have a battery for your device, they'd build one for you. Not sure if that applies to laptops or more hardware stuff like cordless drills.
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