Will a MacBook take memory modules from a MacBook Pro?
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Will a MacBook take memory modules from a MacBook Pro?

My wife has a 2nd generation Black 2.0Ghz Core 2 Duo MacBook (MA701LL/A) with 1GB of memory. I recently purchased a 2.2Ghz Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro (MA895LL/A) with 2GB of memory.

Can I move the SO-DIMMs from my MBP into her MacBook and expect it to function? I see anecdotal evidence that it should work, but then I also see different part numbers between 1GBx2 MacBook and MacBook Pro memory kits when looking at memory upgrade websites.

Does anybody have a definitive answer on this memory swap? Thanks.
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Yes. They use the same speed memory, namely DDR2-677 SO-DIMMS.
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Best answer: To add: I have done so recently myself, but in the other direction.

Here are Apple's pages on the Macbook and the Macbok Pro -- verifying that yes, they take the same stuff.
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Just a quick note, while the MacBook is supposed to max out at 2GB, I've personally seen units with 3GB (1+2) installed with no problem.
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Response by poster: Just a follow up for anybody stumbling across this thread. Did the memory swap yesterday and everything is working, passed memtest86 with no problems as well.
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