Outdoor beer spot with character in Vallejo or American Canyon California?
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Best place for outdoor seating late afternoon drinks around Vallejo or American Canyon California?

I'm living in New York and heading to the Bay Area and my chance to see some friends means finding a halfway point which would be somewhere around there. Atmosphere and quality of beer is most important; views and child friendliness are big plusses.
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Not exactly Vallejo (where vies are scarce, anyway), but across the bay in Mill Valley is a fantastic place to grab a pint and take in a fantastic view of Muir Woods.

Tourist Club
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Not much there to recommend. A few minutes drive will get you to Benicia, my adopted home town, or Napa. Both have a lot to offer.
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Warehouse Cafe in Port Costa. The Tourist Club, while cool, is not the easiest to navigate to (hike, that is), nor figure out the rules of, especially with kids in tow. The Warehouse Cafe will have a better beer selection by far.
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You're more or less screwed in American Canyon and Vallejo, but if you head up to Napa you could have a drink at the bounty hunter. There's a great taco truck in Vallejo on 29 across from smart and final in the parking lot of some sort of furniture shop.
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Response by poster: question for mrleec, what are top choices in Benicia or Napa?
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